Best diving spot in Slovenia

Best diving spot in Slovenia

Most probably you are one of people who have the diving spot of yours which is really special. Have something to go there and have at lest something that people from all around the world will come to see, but Fiesa have no world class attractions. Renault 4 is the biggest and greatest hit.

5 reasons to visit Fiesa:

  • diving is not regulated in Slovenia
  • night diving is more than great
  • 2 diving center to fell tanks or rent equipment
  • mud diving could be fun, Fiesa is the plase to prove that
  • add another Country to bucket list
  • practice navigation underwater

This is the best visibility from Fiesa I know of. Normally you can see about 5m up to dept 12-14m than is getting worse like 1m or less.

What to expect to found:

  • crabs of various kinds
  • remains of Pinna nobilis
  • Cuttlefish
  • various type of Nudibranch
  • Congor
  • Sabella spallanzanii
  • Sciaena umbra
  • some sponges
  • Phallusia mammillata

and may be

more info will be added with time…