Dive guide for Fiesa and Jernejev zaliv

Dive guide for Fiesa and Jernejev zaliv

Would you like to feel a little bit more secure about the first dive in a longer time or you just need a dive guide to show you around and navigate true not-so-great visibility of the Slovenian coast, then you are at the right place.

But you most probably would like to know who I am? I would like to know who my dive guide is if I go somewhere new.

I’m a diver who loves marine biology. I dive slowly and I try to find small animals since there are almost no big animals in Slovenia sea. I like photography and teaching. I used to work with students of photography and we spent a lot of time in dark room. Nowadays diving gives me the moments to calm down, be in touch with myself and water.

There are at least 4 diving centers at the coast – there is one in Piran, two in Fijesa and one in Bernadin. Maybe some more but I did not dive with them. I know there are some clubs for diving… most of them are open in summer and you can make appointment in advance. Some of them also have guided dives, since I’m not a regular client I can’t tell you more. In Slovenia diving in the sea is open for everyone, not like in Croatia where you must report your dives and therefore you need to dive with dive centers. If you have your own diving gear you can go diving at Slovenian cost. Most probably it is better and more interesting if you have a local to show you around.

I prefer to work with gear which is familiar to me and I know it is working perfectly. I don’t like to rent gear for myself except for bottles and lead. I prefer to see divers with their own equipment. And I have some diving gear available for my students and I take care that it is working well. If you need something just ask. I also have bottles of 10L, 12L, 15L and 18L. Since the Slovenian sea is shallow and muddy the average depth is around 8 meters. When visibility is bad you see the fins of a diver in front. Normally visibility is around 5 meters and that is ok for a small group of 3 to 4 divers.

What I like to do is night diving. A night dive in Slovenia is a good dive. I would say it is better than an average day dive in Croatia. That is also the reason to stop at the Slovenian coast to dive. To see seahorses and experience a night dive.

I like small stuff in water. Maybe that’s why I still love to dive in the Slovenian sea. I dive with a camera and I am slow, and slow is nice if you are looking for nudibranchs or cuttlefish or other small animals. It is always nice to show divers something that they would normally miss. How good is diving in Slovenia? It could be nice. It could be boring as hell. We have a little bit of everything. Fijesa is the most famous and visited place; it sometimes has low visibility and if you are looking for sea horses you will find them.

I offer guided dives on two locations, in Fiesa and in Jernejev zaliv. I can provide air and bottles and lead for up to 3 divers. We can make a refreshment dive if your diving skills are a little bit rusty and I normally find at least something interesting makes dive interesting and fun. So would you like to join me? Send me an email to info[at]agstudio.si

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